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We hope you are all enjoying a lovely Sunday.
This week we are introducing great value Organic Herb Bundles and have some advice for the benefits, usage and storage of our delicious organic herbs! Keep an eye out next week too as we will be including a weekly meal plan for using your herbs.

Just a reminder to get your order in before 9pm tonight. This will help to ensure that you receive your delivery this week.

Also please be aware that next weekend is a long weekend and so the delivery and ordering days will be pushed back one day. Orders for next week close Monday 5th October and delivery will be on Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th and Friday 9th October. Please let us know if this will cause you any problems.

** Week 39 Boxes **

Here are the boxes for this week...hope you are keeping warm after the icy cold winter week we just had!!!

We've managed to get some more fruit this week, oranges are off for a week or two until new seasons. Sweet potato is fingers crossed - have put it in a few boxes but if it doesn't come in we will sub with either Jap Pumpkin, Zucchini or Beetroot.

Orders close 9pm tonight for delivery as normal this week. Please note the following week is a long weekend, which will push deliveries out by a day.

Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability.

Swaps and changes to be emailed to =

A quick reference guide for ordering with OrganicBox.

** Please Note: the website is not working correctly on mobile phones or tablets - please use a pc or laptop to order. We are working on a solution asap**

If you are not sure of anything please ring Vanessa 0438243624 or Jason 0411969594 or use the CONTACT US FORM on the website.

Please check your spam or junk folder for our replies as often they will got there.