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Dear Customers,

As we head into summer we will be moving back to using the FOAM BOXES, unless you choose the Cardboard or the Cardboard, biobag option.

The foam boxes are so expensive. At $5 each box, we simply can't afford to use them without covering the cost of them, so we are introducing the FOAM BOX DEPOSIT option again.  

Please select this option ONCE and add to your first order. This will cover the use of two boxes over summer on a rotation basis. If your order is over $100 - then select two deposits.


** Week 49 Boxes ** 

Here are the box contents listings for this week!

Box contents may change pending final produce availability and are listed as a guide only.

Please email Kim at (and cc ) for box swaps, holds, produce swaps before midnight Sunday night as Vicki starts work on the boxes first thing Monday morning now, to enter the whole week's orders in.
Have a great week!
Vanessa, Jason and the OrganicBox team


1. Orders close 12pm SUNDAY nights. We are flexible so if you miss the cut off we can still take orders until around 10am Monday mornings at the latest. If our delivery runs are full and we are unable to deliver your order in the same week, your order will be changed to "Back Ordered" which means that we will have to send your order out the following week on your next scheduled delivery day

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1 offer ($750.00 per offer)
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1 Each ($22.30 per Each)
In stock
1 each ($5.80 per each)
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1 deposit ($10.00 per deposit)
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1 each ($4.43 per each)