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Newsletter Week 5 (3/2/20)

Immune System Boosting Tips and WIN one of 10 Mini Juicing Bags...






Week 6 Boxes 
Happy Monday everyone...
Here are the box listings for this week.
This week we have two new boxes on the list. One will remain a permanent addition - our IMMUNE BOOST BOX with all the veg and fruit you need to boost your immune system to deal with flu, virus and colds. A strong immune system along with water is your best defence! Another box for this week only is our VALENTINE'S DAY BOX - full of delicious, decedent foods to treat your loved one (or yourself) - raw chocolate, fruits, nut butter, kombucha and more....both are in the $65 box range.
Orders close around 9pm tonight for delivery Wednesday and Thursday. Box contents and weights are a guide only and may change pending final produce availability - but changes will always be for the same dollar value.


A quick reference guide for ordering with OrganicBox.

If you are not sure of anything please ring Vanessa 0438243624 or Jason 0411969594.

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