Besides tasting better and being more nutritious there is a bigger picture. 

  • Organic systems work in harmony with nature, keeping harmful chemicals out of our land, water and air, creating a healthy environment rich in wildlife, woodlands and nutrients.  
  • Certified Organic produce is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or Genetically Modified Organism (a genetically modified organism (GMO) is a plant, animal or microorganism whose genetic code has been altered (subtracted from, or added to either the same species or a different species) in order to give it characteristics that it does not have naturally).  
  • Certified Organic is an innovative method of farming and production and is increasingly being recognised as being on the leading edge of food and sustainability for the future. 
  • Organics is not just chemical free by testing. It is about the way the product ingredients have been grown,prepared, processed and packaged. The whole system is linked - Soil, Plants, People and Environment. 

I wrote this article about "Why Buy Organic" that has some interesting information in it also...

Human Health, Organic Farming Video's 

These video's from The Rodale Institue have some powerful messages about the benefits of organics - please take the time to view them as they can change your health and your life.
Human Health - organics Part 1

Human Health = organics Part 2  

Organic Farming Feed the world with organics

Why choose certified organic?

  • Good for the soil - Organic systems rely on a modern and scientific understanding of ecology and soil science, while also depending on traditional methods of crop rotations to ensure fertility and weed and pest control.
  • Good for the environment - Organic systems aim to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. Organic production aims at all times towards sustainability whilst having best management of the environment and wildlife as a priority.
  • Good for people - Organic based ingredients have been shown in a number of studies to contain more vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants than non-organic ingredients.
  • No synthetic chemicals - Organic systems prohibit the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers.
  • No GMOs - Certified Organic products are produced without GMOs, which are prohibited in the standards for organic food and farming.

Is it certified?

OrganicBox is a Certified Organic Retailer, an added guarantee that the produce you purchase is of the highest standard in quality and nutrition.  The auditing process is intensive and thorough.  Every aspect of the business is looked at and assessed.  Every item of produce that is bought and sold is traceable back to the grower.

To ensure your food or produce has been grown to organic certification standards you need to always look for the logos: 

  • ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and BFA (Biological Farmers Association) are the highest standards in Australia.    

Can I trust this Certification?

The organic standards place great emphasis on building and maintaining healthy soil, nutritious crops and animal welfare.   The Bud logo is the widely recognised and trusted organic symbol used by more certified operators than any other in Australia.

  • Comprehensive Certification: ACO provide the most extensive organic certification service in Australia, ensuring the product has organic integrity from 'paddock to plate'.


  • Integrity of Certification: To protect good operators from being associated with less than best practice.  Some operations do not achieve certification with ACO, because they are not deemed as fulfilling the requirements of the standard.