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Welcome BioBag <3

We are excited to announce that some of our customers will be receiving boxes with the first roll out of the BioBag World Australia100% compostable produce bags and snap lock bags. We are still waiting on the development for the compostable liner - hopefully soon!!!

Produce Bags: The bags will be used for only some of the produce we send out eg beans, peas, pumpkin etc. The bags if suitable can be re-used in the home to line a food scraps bin and be put in the compost/organics bin with other organic matter because the bag is a compostable BioBag.

Snap Lock Bags: These 100% compostable snap lock bags will be used for packing Salad Mix and Rocket. The whole bag can be placed in a Green Organics bin when you can no longer use them without even removing the zip lock. The bags are ‘breathable’ so they keep the food inside fresh for longer.

What is a BioBag? A bag made from corn starch so just like corn it breaks down in compost. Years of research have allowed for the production of a bag that not only breaks down fast in compost to become plant food but allows it to keep on the shelf for about 2 years without losing much strength.

*** Please note we are slowly rolling these out - if you specifically wish for us to use these immediately for your deliveries, please add them to your cart at checkout  

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