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Week 20 News (17/05/20)

Good Evening!

We hope you all enjoyed this sunny Sunday.

Just a quick reminder to please have your order in by 9pm tonight, and also to give you all a bit more information on who we are.

By now, you probably are enjoying the convenience of have fresh and delicious organic produce delivered to your door each week. But there are many more benefits; please read on to find out more!

The Benefit of Organics

The Healthy Choice

Without buying organic (or of course, growing it yourself) you truly have no idea what icky chemicals are lingering on your fruit, veggies, meat and dairy.
The scary truth is that Australia’s groceries are often prolifically tainted with genetic modification and harmful toxic chemicals such as Glyphosate (the asbestos of our generation), routine antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial flavours and almost 300 different pesticides.
Although a large number of toxins found in non-organic farming are known to be carcinogens that cause a plethora of health issues from autoimmune, thyroid and hormonal deficiencies to heart, weight and liver disorders, research has shown 80% of these have not been adequately tested to discover the safety of consumption at current levels.  
The Environmental Choice

Organic farming works with nature, not against it by promoting healthy soil, plants, air and wildlife.
Due to a reduction in pesticides, organic farms are havens for beneficial microbes, worms, birds, bees and butterflies, all elements of a healthy and diverse environment that are under threat from conventional farming methods.
The toxins in non-organic plants build up in animals when they consume them, so it is very important to select organic meat, dairy and eggs. Not only are they free of these toxins and scientifically proven to be nutritionally superior, but they are an ethical choice as they are guaranteed free range and free of genetic modification.

Opening The Box to Goodness

For over 10 years, local SA family-owned OrganicBox has been delivering truly certified organic food to families in Australia. We only send out the freshest certified organic foods in our boxes.
ACO Bud Logo
Our organic produce proudly bears the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) logo. Please search for this when buying organics, as sadly ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are marketing terms now. It is certification that it has been regularly tested and is guaranteed to be free of genetic modification and toxic chemicals.
Delivered Fresh to Your Door
We have a range of organic produce boxes that are selected for your dietary needs and are conveniently delivered to your door. We offer vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, eggs and a range of toiletry and pantry items for your convenience.
You can view more info about the value of organics on our social media pages and website using the links below.
Don't forget to get your order in before 9pm Sunday night!
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