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Week 41 News - Delivery week 11/10/2021

Wishing you all a wonderful evening!

As today is world mental health day, we invite you to look at your own mental health as a beautiful flower and ask yourself some questions. Are you watering it? Are you nurturing it? Are you taking the time to appreciate it?

Please read on below for some tips and tricks to improve your own sense of mental wellbeing...

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Improve your Mental Health Naturally

  1.  Eat organic food. Conventional farming relies heavily on organophosphates to operate. Despite some differences, all organophosphates inhibit acetylcholinesterase, a central nervous system disruptor. Numerous studies have shown that high level exposure is dangerous, but scientists now believe that long-term, low-level exposure to this compound can play a role in disorders like anxiety and depression as well.
  2. Eat a healthy and nutritious varied diet. The best and healthiest way to get your vitamins is from food. It is so important to vary your diet so that you can intake vitamins such as Vitamin D, C and B12, Magnesium and Iron all of which have been proven to have an impact on the nervous system, processing of heavy metals (which have a significant effect on mental health) and keeping the immune system high in order to fight illnesses.
  3. Express gratitude often. Practice saying thank-you for something every morning and every evening for one month. It has been proven to have an impact on general mood, anxiety and depression.
  4. Love your imperfections. Try not to look at your differences as a flaw. Instead treat yourself as you would a small child and shower yourself with love. You wouldn't tell a child that they are too fat or too skinny, too wrinkly or too hairy, so why do it to yourself? Simply try to love yourself and appreciate that your outside body is simply a coat that you wear in order to experience your life!
  5. Exercise daily. Yes, it's the standard that everyone touts for a non-pharmaceutical way to beat depression and anxiety. But that is because it works! Exercise releases the hormones and endorphins that help to regulate your mood, give you energy and make you feel good, without taking a synthetic version in a pill.

Organics for Mental Health

Studies have shown a link between low levels of folate, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and omega-3 fats in people with depression. Eggs provide all these nutrients.

Dark Chocolate
Cocoa contains antioxidants including flavonoids that aid with learning, cognition and memory, and prevent neuronal death. They also decrease the risk of stroke and Alzheimer's in humans. 


Oily fish like salmon,contains a fatty acid known as DHA which has been proven to help with memory, boost your mood and reduce anxiety.

Fish also contains omega 3 acids which are great for brain function, and help circulate serotonin and dopamine which have been shown to boost and regulate your mood.


Fermented foods like unsweetened yoghurts, kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut are proven to help with feelings related to anxiety and depression.

The good bacteria in fermented foods has a positive effect on the gut health which has more recently been shown to be linked to mental health.

For 12 years, local S.A family-owned OrganicBox has been delivering truly certified organic food to families in South Australia. We pride ourselves on sending out the freshest certified organic foods in our boxes, and back that up with our 100% no questions asked replacement policy. If you are not happy, neither are we...
You can view more info about the value of organics on our social media pages and website using the links below.

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