When you place your order you will always be emailed a copy of that order.  If you do not receive a copy that means that your order may not have been completed correctly eg error at the payment screen; or the email may have gone to spam/junk folder in your email.  So please email us asap if that is the case and we can retrieve it out of "uncompleted orders" for you.

We aim to supply all items that are listed in the shopping cart, but due to the nature of organics and also the restraints of our current system, sometimes items do not arrive when ordered and we only find out on Monday or Tuesday that we will not have the produce.  Obviously this is upsetting for us because we want to supply your full order, and we know it is disappointing for you as you are expecting your full order, but we just have to manage it as best we can. 

We will often aim to provide a like substitute when possible eg desiree potatoes will be swapped with sebago etc etc but we will not swap potatoes with parsnips.......if you do not want substitutes at all please make a note on your order page.

All items will be refunded to you in full. We aim to process refunds Wednesdays or Thursdays where possible.  Refunds will be issued via the same system you paid with eg if you paid with PayPal we refund to PayPal.  So if you are using PayPal to order please make sure you are a verified PayPal user, as the money will go straight back into your account and can be used immediately.  If you pay by Direct Deposit we will email you to ask you to send in your account details so we can bank transfer to you.  

If you do not get a refund for an item that was missing in your box please contact us asap, and we will follow it up for you.  


If you are not happy with any item of produce that we have sent out in your box our policy is to fully replace that produce with your next order.  We dont need to see pictures, we wont question the item!  Just let us know by email that you are not happy and we'll send it out to you the  following week.