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From recent customer feedback we have now added this recipe page! My Mum, Daphne, has some free time now she is not helping so much with admin.  She is a great cook, loves food, and wants to share some of her recipes.  We hope to add recipes for produce and products that might be new to your kitchen.......so please enjoy, feel free to send us some of your recipes and even provide feedback via email or our Facebook Page


This recipe comes highly recommended by one of our lovely customers - Janelle A.

I have left the preamble in, as it describes the Brownie beautifully.

I will also note that Janelle used 1/2 walnuts and 1/2 pecans.

I could go on and on about the amazing health benefits of The Raw Brownie (can you believe you just saw the words health and brownie in the same sentence? but what really gets me is the outstanding flavour and consistency. They are light and cakey when you first bite into them, and then somehow melt and get all gooey, like a good brownie should! I have tried several raw brownies in my day, and I often find them too dense and heavy. These on the other hand are actually incredibly cakey thanks to the walnuts. In this recipe walnuts sort of act as the flour, and the secret is to grind them up until they are light and fluffy. So amazing! Then you throw in the heavenly cacao powder and caramel-ly dates to create this rich, dark, chocolate bomb that knocks your socks off!
All this adds up to one important question: why would I ever eat a baked brownie again? I mean, what’s the point? 
Why would you?

Because there are so few ingredients in this recipe, I would highly, highly recommend purchasing top-quality and organic if possible. The flavour of each element plays a strong role in the final outcome, so they all need to be the best you can find. If you are worried about cost, cut the recipe in half - these bad boys will still turn out amazing