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Quick Guide to ordering OrganicBox

Guide to OrganicBox ordering:

1. Orders close 9pm Monday nights - please don't stress if you are late as we can generally add you onto a run.

2. You are able to swap up to 3 items around in any of our set boxes - if you wish to change more we are happy to set up your own 'set box' to work with. 

3. Please let us know if there is any produce you never want sent out in your box - its called your personal "never list".

4. If you want your order sent out in cardboard boxes we are happy to do this. Also if you want to send in 'eco friendly reusable produce bags' for your orders we can do this too - just label them with your name.

5. We are super flexible and work with you to send out the best boxes for your needs.

6. If you take up our regular delivery offer with $5 delivery fee for boxes $65 and over - you are not locked in. If you need to take a break, you have produce left over from the week before or if you are going on holidays let us know  and we will put your deilvery on hold

7. You don't need to order one of our set boxes, you can also always just shop to order items and quantities to suit your family needs, nor are you required to join as a Member.  Our website caters to individual orders. Minimum is $40.

8. No lock in contracts. Sign up for a regular order and it doesn't work for you, cancel easily at any time.

9. 100% perfect produce guarantee. If ever you get any produce you are not happy with we will replace it free the following week.

10. All of our meat lines are preservative free. To guarantee freshness and safe food handling, all meat products are delivered frozen. The pack weights are an average, and we endeavour to advertise pack weights as close as possible to actual weights. Most lines are tray packed for 2 unless stated otherwise. As we only process small numbers at a time, some lines may be unavailable from time to time.

Finally, if you are not sure of something then please get in touch either by email, phone, Facebook page or text.