All orders need to be submitted by 9pm Monday night for delivery on Wednesday and Thursday of the same week .  Any orders submitted between 9PM  and midnight will be assessed for delivery - depending on number of orders. We will contact you if we CAN NOT deliver


Each item is listed as either a per kg price or an each price.  If it is a kg price and you only want 500g (half a kg) at checkout please enter .5 against the item and update the shopping cart.  For 250g = .25; for 750g = .75; for 100g = .1  You are able to go shopping and select each item you want and add to the shopping cart, then when you have finished your shopping list, go to checkout and then adjust all your weights in one go.  Just go down the list of items, change the weights as required and then click "update cart" - you will notice all the prices update to relevant requirements.

Please note that bunched items can not be broken up eg a bunch of leeks is sold as such; same with bunched spring onions, bunched carrots and beetroot.

Minimum order amount is $40 (including delivery charge).