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New Website, Delivery Charges and Boxes

We are very excited to have finally done a website upgrade!! Our website was about 4 years behind upgrades.  There are some great new functionality that will make things easier for everyone!  

New Functionality:

1. Mobile phone and tablet ordering! The new site is fully responsive and you will be able to order partial quantities of produce now.

2. Box contents will be visible on the website, and created on the website.

3. Better category navigation.  We will be doing a full audit on the products over the coming weeks to ensure all products are in the correct categories.

4. Social media connection

Box Pricing Changes:

1. All $40 boxes are now priced at $45. We believe this will provide a better quality box to our customers ensuring you get a more viable box with greater quantities.

Delivery Charges Change:

We have maintained our $8.80 fee for over 5 years now, and with rising freight costs, fuel prices, wages and courier fees we sadly need to raise the price.  Not by much - we are going to $9.90 for metro delivery (which is just a $1 increase, plus GST).

We are still offering a discounted rate of $5 delivery for anyone getting a regular subscription delivery with us - weekly or fortnightly.  This is a great option so you never miss out on a box if you forget, and you get a reduced rate = win/win.

Our loyal long term customers will be contacted soon with a loyalty offer.

We believe that all these changes will be offering you an even greater OrganicBox experience :)