All new customers are required to pay a deposit for two foam boxes (scroll to bottom of this page to add payment to your order, or they can be found at the top of each fresh produce page).  These boxes are to be used to deliver your Organicbox order.  One box goes out full and the second stays empty.  By paying a deposit for two this allows us to rotate the boxes around.  

So with your first delivery you will use one box and then when you place your second order we will pack in the second box and collect your empty box.  If your order comes to more than 1 box, Organicbox will provide the extra boxes.

If a box is damaged while in your possession and can not be reused please just pay a deposit for a second box.  The cost is $4 per box so for your initial order you will be paying $8.

If you no longer wish to order from Organicbox please let us know and we will arrange to collect your box and refund your deposit.  This saves wastage and means not having to buy more of the very environmentally unfriendly foam boxes.

The decision was made to use the foam boxes as they protect the food, keep it fresh and keep it cold.  If you do not wish to have your food packed in foam please let us know and we can use cardboard or waxed boxes.  We use paper bags to put some items in eg potatoes so the dirt does not get on the other F&V but we will also use plastic for things like loose lettuce, baby spinach to keep it fresh and from wilting......if you do not want any plastic used for packing just let us know....

We will now be also using a plastic liner inside the boxes, plus the normal butchers paper.  The plastic liner will protect the foam boxes from stains, spills and markings.