1. Cardboard box and No packaging

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Minimum quantity for "1. Cardboard box and No packaging" is 1.00.

Please choose this option if you do not want ANY plastic in your box (except biobags) and to use a cardboard box for delivery.

We are passionate about reducing landfill and pride ourselves on our low packaging fruit and veg boxes.

We do use the polystyrene foam boxes as our first choice (at this stage) due to the fabulous insulation properties of the foam especially as we are sending out fragile produce, meat and dairy products.  As a food business we have an obligation and legal requirement to ensure that our food meets food safety standards as needed for council, biosecurity and certification requirements. 

But, we know they are not the best option for our planet.  We do recycle our foam boxes - they are sent out to our customers over and over until they are just too daggy to reuse (we are happy to say that some of our foam boxes have been in reuse circulation for over 2 years when they are cared for).  Once they are no longer suitable for sending out we send our old boxes off for recycling NEVER landfill.  There is a local company who recycle the foam to be used in building materials, furniture etc - still not the best option though.  So we are currently in discussion to create an Australian first product/box that is completely sustainable, has great insulation properties, and is 100% compostable.  As yet it is an option that is not available in Australia but we do have contacts and we are hoping to have this option rolled out as soon as possible - we want to do better than cardboard!!!!

We currently use the plastic liner - once again these can be sent back as we reuse these in our coldroom for covering stock and other uses.  We are talking with BioBag to have a 100% compostable liner made, but this product will be a custom made product that will need to be done in a mass production so we are saving up funds to make this a reality.

In the meantime - please select this option if you wish to have your order sent out in a reused cardboard box, no plastic liner and biobags only.

**Please note - if you choose to have the cardboard box option for a meat, diary or fresh produce delivery you are agreeing that all liability for the freshness, frozen goods (currently meeting food safety requirements) and cold produce and product is passed to you, the customer.  This liability is assumed by the customer once the order has left our coldroom for delivery.  OrganicBox is releived of its liability once the order has left our coldroom, as disclosed in our Terms and Conditions, specifically points 2 numbers 13 & 14 and Point 5 Defective Goods.  Placing the order through our website www.organicbox.com.au confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale. 


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