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Please Note all seafood will be delivered FROZEN.  All seafood ordered will automatically be packaged with an ice pack.

We do prefer that any customers who do order seafood are home for delivery, as some of the fish fillets are thin it will be quicker to defrost than our meats and chicken.  

Please email us at to get a suggest time of delivery if possible.

Our seafood is supplied by Coorong Wild Seafood.  

Coorong Wild Seafood has its processing facility at Meningie, South Australia.  It is located near the Coorong where the Lakes and Coorong commercial fishery operate, therefore the seafood supply chain is very short and maximises the quality of the fish brought to the premises. As an owner operator Glen Hill supplies the majority of the fish to the processing factory run by wife Tracy.  

They recently purchased a second license so that most of the fish for their requirements is now caught by their own business.  This ensures the Hill’s high quality standards.   From time to time they also purchase from a select group of Lakes and coorong fishers. This provides the fishermen another outlet for their catch, enabling them to maximise their returns especially over the winter period when mullet is plentiful and prices are lower in the markets.  


The first 4 species listed have been certified as
Sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council

The Southern Fishermens Association representing the fishers in the
Lakes and Coorong Fishery achieved MSC in June 2008.


Coorong Yellow Eye Mullet

Coorong mullet is a salt water and estuarine species that have a unique flavour that lends itself to many recipes.
A soft moist texture and high in Omega 3.  
Available: All year - less numerous over summer months - Best quality between April and Dec 

Coorong Yellow Eye Mullet


Golden Perch

This freshwater fish has a mild, light and delicate taste.  It has a moist medium to firm texture,
which hilds its shape when cooked.  It is prized in Chinese cuisine for presentation as a steamed fish.
Available: All year - Best quality September - December 

Golden Perch


A Marine and estuarine fish has a moist flesh with large flakes. It has low oil conent and a mild but distinctive flavour.
Large fish are normally presented as cutlets and smaller fish are sold whole or as fillets.
Available: Best between November - May


 Pipi (Surf Clam or Goolwa Cockle) - Currently Closed Season

Recently renamed the pipi, are harvested from the beach off of the Younghusband Peninsula.
Sand is removed by placing them in recirculating tanks in a certified foodsafe premises.
They have a good meat to shell ratio,medium to strong flavour and firm texture.
Available: Open season is usually between 1st November to 31st May (can be varied on PIRSA fisheries instructions)

Pipi - Surf Clam or Goolwa Cockle




An introdudced freshwater fish. It is very popular especially if you don't like stong tasting fish.
It has a medium to firm texture with a low oil content.  The flesh is sweet and dry.
Available all year.


Flounder (Limited stocks available)

Due to the drought over the past 10 years and lack of freshwater flows into the Coorong
this species has had limited access to breeding conditions.  Small flounder are starting to be reported by fishermen.
The quantities reported should result in some bumper catches in a year or two. Keep visiting us for updates.
Normally available in the warmer months - Nov - April  



Carp have a strong, sweet flavour and are inexpensive to buy.  They can be filleted with the right technique and care must be taken to avoid bones.   Asian cultures cook small fish whole. Medium to firm texture and medium oil content.
Available: All year