Here are some great sites and fabulous information about organics.  

The links below will be able to provide you with lots of answers if you have questions about organics:

Fresh - the Movie (this is eye-opening, educational, heartbreaking and yet, uplifting - it has a powerful message.  Click to watch the trailer.  We hope you see the full movie)  

Food Inc - check out the trailer.  This movie was recently shown in Adelaide and has an extremely powerful message about what food is and what we can do to make a difference.

20 Reasons to buy Organic  

Miessence - full range of miessence products (certified organic) - skin care, hair care, body care, baby care, perfumes, essential oils, home care, nutritional products and cosmetics 

Raw Life! - South Australian handmade, raw, vegan, healthy, tasty chocolate.  Available now on the shopping cart. 

Little Para Pants - made in SA....55% hemp 45% organic cotton.  Check them out for the best option for baby and the earth.  

Kenton Creek Angus - grass fed hormone free beef

Australian Certified Organic site Biological Farmers Association

Demeter - Certified Bio-Dynamic 

Environmental Working Group - Shoppers Guide to Pesticides 

Pesticide Health Effects  

Vitamin Poisoning - are we destroying our health with hi-potency synthetic vitamins?  

Organic food really is better for you 

Pesticides and You 

Organic Food Quality 

Organics and Nutrition Reality Explained 

Pesticides: Health and Safety