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Happy Sunday To You!

Ultimately, we are all just tenants, borrowing this planet until it is time for the next generation to take over. We have a duty to care for the Earth so that our children and their children can be free to live a happy and healthy existence.

But non-organic farm chemicals such as glyphosate pose one of the biggest risks to a healthy future of our time. They harm our pollinators, damage and decrease biodiversity, and pollute our land and waterways.

By choosing to eat organic produce, you are not only investing in your health, but you are making a donation to our planet by freeing it of harmful chemical farming practices.

Thank you for your donation!

*** Week 25 Boxes ***
Happy Sunday,
Here are the boxes for Week 25.
Orders close tonight at 9pm (but as usual dont stress if you are later as we will always aim to fit you in).
Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability.
Please email box swaps, subs and orders to us at =

A quick reference guide for ordering with OrganicBox.

** Please Note: the website is not working correctly on mobile phones or tablets - please use a pc or laptop to order. We are working on a solution asap**

If you are not sure of anything please ring Vanessa 0438243624 or Jason 0411969594 or use the CONTACT US FORM on the website.

Please check your spam or junk folder for our replies as often they will got there.

Most people buy organically-grown food products because they are concerned about pesticides, additives, antibiotics or other chemical residues.  

Organic farmers and food producers grow and produce food without using synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and artificial fertilisers. They do not use genetically modified (GM) components or expose food to irradiation. 

Animal welfare and environmental sustainability are important issues for organic farmers. The term ‘organic’ can also cover animal products. For example, eggs certified as organic are free range, rather than from caged (battery) hens. 

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