Kehoe's Kitchen - Beetroot and Ginger Sauerkraut 500g

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 We make all our food the artisan way:

Cabbage is sliced by hand using our manual Beechwood mandolin slicers, which gives the sauerkraut a traditional texture with long cabbage strands • We “wild ferment” (i.e. use no fermentation starter) wherever possible to provide a diverse range of naturally present beneficial bacteria in our products as Mother Nature intended. Good raw organic produce requires no starter • Sauerkrauts/cabbage based ferments are fully fermented (left in the fermentation crock until bubbles stop) for a mature flavour with maximum beneficial bacteria. • Cabbage is thoroughly pounded, providing its own brine with more beneficial nutrients and good bacteria as it’s not diluted with water • “Body Ecology” brand starter culture, apple cider vinegar or our own wild fermented sauerkraut brine is used in dips and fruits only when required (i.e. cooked or peeled foods) and is noted in ingredients list

Storage • Sauerkrauts will keep refrigerated for about 12-24 months

INGREDIENTS: Organic cabbage, organic beetroot, organic ginger, natural sea salt & organic juniper berries.

Kehoe's Kitchen - Wild fermented, probiotic rich, raw sauerkraut. Made in Brisbane. Whole food, paleo, dairy/soy/grain/sugar/preservative/additive/allergy FREE.


• Fully fermented (left in crock until they finish bubbling) for maximum flavour and beneficial bacteria

• If you’re new to fermented food, try it for breakfast with fried tomatoes, baby spinach, runny eggs, fresh avocado and some sauerkraut on the side (a great digestive aid)

• Also great to sprinkle through salads, add as a layer to your wraps, nori roll or lettuce rolls or just throw on top of any old meal, even spag bol once you’re addicted :-)

At Kehoe’s Kitchen we make Organic hand made food in our commercial kitchen in Brisbane, Australia. We cater especially for families on GAPS, Paleo, Primal, Weston A Price, Whole food, allergy free or Raw diets. All our food is 100% grain, sugar, preservative, additive and soy free. We have an extensive range of fermented and cultured foods including yoghurts, water kefir, sauerkrauts, kim chi and other fermented vegetables, dips, pickles, salsas & chutneys. We also make nourishing wholefood items, all of which are GAPS/Paleo compliant.

All cabbage based Sauerkrauts are fully fermented before decanting into jars. This means that they are left in the fermentation crock until they finish bubbling. This ensures a mature flavour and maximum beneficial bacteria.
Manufactured by: Kehoes Kitchen
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