The produce that we sell through Organicbox can change weekly so it is really hard to keep an up to date list of what we are sending out each week.  But we are now in the process of listing the growers against the fresh produce on the cart.  As a guide I am going to list for you the details of our most recent order (delivery date 1/5/12 and 2/5/12) so you can see the growers names and certification numbers.
If at any time you wish to find out who grew your produce or the certification details please contact me at vanessa@organicbox.com.au as the traceability of certified organic produce is paramount for the certification process, and I wish to provide peace of mind for all my customers.
As grower details change from week to week, day to day it is not often possible to list all the growers of the produce we sell but where possible we do aim to keep it accurate.  If you would like a list of the growers for the produce sent out in the week you ordered please contact us.  As we are ACO certified our food can be easily tracable back to point of origin.
DA means Demeter Bio-Dynamic produce.
Almonds Goanna N5267IC
Apple & Orange Juice Douglas Pk A5061P
Fuji Apples Forest Orchards OFC0490
Golden Delicious Apples Forest Orchards OFC0490A
Granny Smith Apples Forest Orchards OFC0490 
Jonathan Apples Forest Range N5099A 
Juicing Apples Forest Range N5099A
Royal Gala Apples Forest Orchards OFC0490A 
Jams Varieties Ozganics A10352P
Asian Salad Greens Coolibah A10974A 
Baby Salad Lettuce Mix Coolibah A10974A
Baby Spinach Coolibah A10974P
Bananas Envirofresh AA
Basil Scarfo A5086A
Beans Green & Yellow Coolibah A10974P
Beetroot Loose Valente N3407B
Brazil Nuts Brazil Nuta IMO USDA 
Broccoli Quarry Hill NA 
Brocccolini Coolibah AA
Butter Salted NA
Cabbage Cafra N3362A 
Cabbage Red Cafra NA
Californian Dates Cert USDA
Carrots Juicing Wombat N3162A
Carrots Wombat N3162A 
Cashews Eaternal NPOP/USDA
 Cauliflower Cafra N3362B 
Celery Helps Rd N5168B
Muesli Honey Crunch Biogro NZ
Cheese Aged Cheddar Org Dairy Farmers
Cheese Tru Org Gouda NA3554B
Cheese Marinated Feta Barambah A4002P
Chickpeas Bioitalia organic (tinned)
Chick Peas G Carter A3110A
Chives Coolibah A10974P
Chocolate Coated Ginger Green Grove BP225
Coffee Beans Laos Sup BCS OCIA
Coriander Coolibah AA
Corn Chips Low Salt/Cheese Chipman A5054P
Cream Barambah B4002P 
Cucumbers Leb Mulga Organics PreCertified
Currants Jones N3095A
Date and Almond Rolls CCOF 
Dips Var. Organic Ind OFA
Dried Figs Ecocert
Dried Peaches Builder NA
Drinking Coconut Aclara (uncertified - chemical free)
Bread Essene DA
Garlic Springton Farm A10445A 
Ginger Goldvale N4184A
Grapes Crimson Seedless Bland A11112B
Kalamata Olives in Red Wine Vinegar N5017A
Curry Sauce Var OZ N1032P
Pheonix Lemonade Bio Gro NZ
Lettuce Cos Cremona AQ 
Limes Grivell A10452A 
Milk Paris Creek 2Lt A514P 
Mixed Nuts Pacific Organics A10321W
Mung Dahl Eaternal NOPA/USDA
Mushrooms Minore Falls 
Peanut Butter Greenacres A448A
Olive Oil Baroota N5145
Onion Brown Benson N7070A
Onions Red Benson N7070A
Oranges Val. Nets Howie N5084 
Oranges Val Brander N2481 
Parsley Coolibah AA 
Parsnips Busch A838A
 Peanuts Roasted Greenacres
Pear Packham Forest Orchards 
 Snow Peas Coolibah A10964A
Persimmon Tray Curtis DA 
Pineapples Rehberger B4310A
Flour Bakers Eden Valley DA
Pomegranate Gurradowns A5311A
Nicola Potato Benson N7070A
Sebago Forest Hill N7070A
Binjie Potato Benson N7070A
Desiree Forest Hill N7070A
 Potato Dutch Cream Benson N7070A
Butternut Bauer A4151A
Pumpkin Jap Bauer A4151A
Quinoa Kindred Organics TOP
Raisin Ceres CCOF
Rice Med Grain  Brown BD
Rolled Oats Weinteriga DA (prepack)
Rocket Coolibah AA
Salt Celtic Salt of the Earth ACOP 
Sauce Table Var Ozganics A10352P
Walnuts Shelled Ecocert
Silverbeet Monika A893A
Sour Cream Barambah B4002P
Spelt Penne Pasta Powlet Hill DA 
Spinach Monika A893A
Spring Onions Monika A893A
Jams Var Ozganics A10352P
Sultana Nimek Ecocert 
 Sun Dried Tomato Bio 
 Sunflower Kernals Four Leaf AA 
Bread Bread Essene DA
Sweet Potato Bauer A4151A
Tofu Earths Source DA
Tomatoes Cherry Mt Penn N3407A
Turnips Spring Creek B3133A 
Vivani Choc Various Bio
Watermelon Arahura Farms AA 
Banana Capsicum Scarfo A5241A
Yoghurt Greek Var. Mungalli 
Yoghurt Natural Barambah B4002P
 Zucchini Brander N2481A
Pasta Sauce Ozganics A10352P
Chestnuts Kenton Hill N5341