1. When will I receive my order?
We currently have only 2 days for delivery. Tuesdays are the beach suburbs and Gawler area - from Grange to Marino, and Wednesdays everywhere else.

2. Why do I need to pay for boxes?

The boxes are rotated around each time you order so you pay deposit on two boxes.  With your first order we send out one box (unless you place a large order) then with your second order we send the second box and collect the empty box which you leave outside by your front door.

3. I will not be home for delivery, is this ok?
That is fine.  Because we use the foam boxes they act as an esky so the food stays cool all day.  We have delivered in the middle of summer on 45 degree days and the food still remains cold.
We do prefer that someone is home to receive the orders if you are getting frozen meat or frozen chicken.  Once our drivers have delivered your box the responsibility for frozen meat becomes the customers, as per our terms and conditions.