Adam's Eggs SA, 750g (dozen) [UNCERTIFIED]

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What makes Adam’s Eggs unique:

- Genuine pastured Eggs that are produced on the Willson organic farm on Kangaroo Island.

- Eggs that contain no SOY or GMO’s

- The chicken caravans enables us to move the hens onto new grass every few days. This gives the girls the best and freshest grasses, bugs and worms all year round.

- The chooks follow our certified organic beef cattle, giving them a diet rich in bioavailable vitamin B12 and an abundance of beneficial organisms, keeping them in perfect health.

- Because Adam’s Eggs are laid clean, we do not wash them. This avoids water and chemical absorption through the porous membrane. (So not added unwanted ingredients in your eggs.)

- An opportunity to visit the farm where your food is grown if you are ever heading over to Kangaroo Island.

- The experiences of enjoying eggs the way they are meant to taste, rich and nutrient dense

- And lastly the hens are nurtured with loving care by an organic farming family.

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