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Archive: Mar 14, 2022

Happy Long Weekend to you all! I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunny retreat from Autumn.

Just a reminder that deliveries will be delayed by one day this week due to the public holiday.

Unfortunately, we have had to increase our delivery prices for the first time in 10 years due to the rising fuel prices. Please read on below for more information.

One of the many elements of growing certified organic produce is the use of organic seeds. In order to receive organic certification, we must only use organic, non-GMO seeds. Read on for more info about why this is so important below...

Please remember that orders close at midnight so you don't miss out on your delicious organic goodies! If you want to be added to our SMS reminder please just contact us.

Also, please keep swaps and changes to below two, as we are so busy.  If you need more changes you may wish to create your own box - just ask us how.
** Week 11 Boxes **
Happy Long Weekend,
Here are the boxes for this week.
Just a reminder that we are delivering a day later, except for Friday deliveries which will remain on Friday.
Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability and are listed as a guide only.
This week we have our Plums from the orchard, which sadly sees the end of the stone fruit season!
Orders close tonight at midnight for delivery this week.