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Archive: Feb 20, 2022


Not so long ago, we were sold on a lie that "DDT is Good for Me-e-eee!". Are we still being sold the same lies about the safety of our agricultural chemicals? Read on for more info below...

Please remember that orders close at midnight so you don't miss out on your delicious organic goodies! If you want to be added to our SMS reminder please just contact us.

Also, please keep swaps and changes to below two, as we are so busy.  If you need more changes you may wish to create your own box - just ask us how.

** Week 8 Boxes **
Happy Sunday - a bit late. We had three 17 hour days and are a bit shattered today but the good news is our Peaches are here!!!!!
Orders close tonight at midnight for delivery in the same week.
Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability and are a guide only.
Please email box swaps, subs and orders to Kim at