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Archive: Jan 3, 2022

*** Week 1 Boxes ***
Welcome to Week 1 2022.....
We are all ready to send out some amazing boxes of certified organic goodness to you this year!!!
Lots of goodies from our paddock - broccoli, zucchini, herbs, green bunches, garlic and we still have delicious apricots which will be finishing up the next two weeks. We've brought back our OrganicBox Produce Box.
This week we have Nectarines and Peaches from our Riverland neighbour Nick Builder, plus cherries. So we have introduced our Gourmet Fruit Box this week!
Blueberries are late this year so looking like end January before we see them.....
Orders close tonight at midnight for delivery this week but will be pushed forward a day due to the holiday today. So Tuesday deliveries will be Wednesday, Wednesday deliveries Thursday and Thursday deliveries Friday!
Box contents and weights are a guide only pending final produce availability.