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Archive: Jul 18, 2021


We hope that you are all enjoyed a glorious Sunday, and are staying warm this evening!

Lots of lovely fresh certified organic produce direct from our farm in the boxes this week.  Anything listed as (OrganicBox) is grown by us on our farm in Gumeracha.

Just a reminder to please have your order in before midnight tonight for delivery this week. You can send through any changes to

*** Week 29 Boxes ***
Happy Sunday!!
Hope everyone is staying warm - its freezing up here, and we are a bit late as the very first calf of the year was just born and Jason had to help Mum, she was a bit exhausted :(
Here are the boxes for Week 29.
Please note all produce listed with (OrganicBox) noted is grown on our certified organic farm in Gumeracha.
Orders close tonight at midnight for delivery this week.
Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability.
Please email box swaps, subs and order queries to us at