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Archive: Jun 27, 2021

Good Evening

You may or may not be aware that OrganicBox is heavily invested in now growing as much as our own Certified Organic and Freshcare Certified produce for the boxes as possible, but when we can't pick or pack our own OrganicBox always aims to source local SA produce, groceries and meats where we can. 

Read on to learn more about supporting local organic farmers...

*** Week 26 Boxes ***
Happy Sunday.
Not a lot of changes for this week, just a few local additions.
Orders close tonight for delivery this week.
Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability.
Please email box swaps, changes and orders to us at =

Would you like some advice on how to keep your fresh organic produce fresh for longer? Read on for some great tips and tricks below…

Millions of tonnes of household food waste go to landfill every year. The majority of this is fruit and veggies. This is an expensive waste of food and produces methane, which is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
Finding additional uses for your produce and understanding the storage needs of your produce can help you to reduce the waste and do your part for the environment. Please read on to find out how!