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Archive: Feb 21, 2021

**** Week 8 Boxes ****
Sorry we are a bit late today - we have just got back from the Riverland orchard after picking the last of the divine Kirkman Peaches, and starting the Ruby Blood Plums (so good!!). Both in the boxes this week. Along with lots of other sensationally great tasting fruit.
Orders close tonight at midnight (a bit later as we are so late today!!).
Box contents and weights may change pending final produce availability.
Please email box changes, subs and orders to us at =

Happy Sunday Everyone!

You have probably chosen to introduce organic produce into your diet in an attempt to have a healthier lifestyle and to reduce your impact on the environment. But did you know the things you cook with can have an impact as well? Please read on below for ideas on how to give your kitchen a detox.

Additionally, in response to your requests, we have introduced an automated routing system so that you can keep track of your delivery. The system provides our customers with scheduled time delivery SMS or email notification along with alerts when your order is 10 minutes away, with real time tracking! This is great for knowing exactly when your order is due, and delivered, especially on these hot days.

This feature is not yet available for our Tuesday Southern, Northern and Barossa customers, but we are working on having it up and running as soon as possible. Please let us know if you wish to opt out.

As always please note to have your order in by 9pm Sunday nights (we are flexible so don't stress if you are late), and email any orders and box changes to also remember to leave your old boxes out for the delivery driver to collect.