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Archive: May 29, 2019

This is fast and easy. I did cook the vegetables as written, but in the Air Fryer. Came out perfectly. Really nice and the sauce is so, so yummy. I will be using that on other Asian Salads...

My mum is an amazing cook (way better than me LOL).  This is one of the recipes she posted in the Facebook "OrganicBox Recipe Club"
Here is a very yummy soup recipe from one of our customers - Niki (The Fleurieu Naturopath)
Made this really nice stew the other night - the kids loved it too which is amazing because as soon as you mention the word "stew" its normally met with groans and "oh no, not stew!!" LOL...
It is for 6 servings which leaves leftovers for the next day lunch if you have spare!