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Jerusalem Artichokes are known by several different names and they are sunchokes, sunroots, etc. This tuber is in no way related to the domestic artichoke that is cultivated in North America. Resembling potatoes, the tuber can be consumed in a number of ways. It has a sweet and nutty flavor to it when cooked. Grown in home gardens, one can enjoy the benefits of this miracle tuber easily. Even though the name is misleading, the benefits that one can get from the tuber can hardly be questioned. This tuber offers many health benefits.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Jerusalem Artichokes:


There are many benefits that one can get from this tuber. Here are 10 noteworthy benefits of are noteworthy:

1. Dietary Supplement:

There are many historical records of this tuber being used as a dietary supplement. This is because the tuber contains many nutrients that are good for our bodies. Using Jerusalem Artichokes as a dietary supplement ensures that our body gets its fill of nutrients.


2. Blood Sugar Level:

Since ancient times, this tuber has been added to the diet to reduce blood sugar levels. High levels of insulin are bypassed into the lower gut where it feeds the good bacteria. So, if you suffer from diabetes, using Jerusalem Artichokes will help you keep sugar levels under control.

3. Controls Cholesterol:

If you have high cholesterol levels, then you might want to have some Jerusalem Artichokes. This tuber allows our body to metabolize fats faster. It also normalizes the cholesterol levels in the blood and protects us from several cardiovascular diseases.

4. A Good Source of Protein:

There are many tubers that people eat, but none are as protein-rich as the Jerusalem Artichokes. You can make healthy stocks and soups using this tuber. The protein makes it the perfect vegetable to add to your diet.

5. Great Detox Agent:

The tuber contains amino acids, which are rich in sulfur. This is essential for your diet and is helpful for your health. This sulfur-rich amino acid keeps the connective tissues flexible. This in turn allows our liver to easily detoxify our body.

6. Iron Rich:

Most of our diets today cut out important minerals like iron. Our body requires iron for proper blood flow and clotting of blood. This tuber offers an essential dose of iron to our body, which can easily assimilate.

7. Warehouse Of Potassium:

Maintaining the correct potassium level can reduce the chances of a heart attack. To counter the effects of excess sodium, our body needs potassium. Adding this potassium-rich tuber is good for our heart.

8. Easy Bowel Movement:

Jerusalem Artichokes are good for regulating bowel movements as well. The tuber contains non- digestible insulin. This non-digestible insulin creates bulk and is passed out with the stool. People suffering from constipation can use this tuber to get relief.

9. Prevents Colon Cancer:

The tuber might not directly have any effect on colon cancer. But it is a known fact that dietary fiber insulin, which is derived from this tuber, is used to suppress colon cancer. Including Jerusalem Artichoke in your diet can go a long way to prevent colon cancer.

10. Intestinal Immunity:

There are many diseases that can crop up due to the food we eat. One way to remain healthy is to allow the good bacteria in our gut to kill the bad bacteria. This healthy tuber boosts intestinal immunity and keeps our bodies healthy.

These are a few of the known benefits that one can enjoy by consuming Jerusalem Artichokes on a regular basis. There are many more! So, what is keeping you from enjoying this healthy tuber?

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