Why Organicbox??

Organicbox is the result of a passion for organics and health, wanting to make a difference in the world now, and the world we leave for future generations.  

I was a single Mum who created a business doing something I loved, to provide a unique service for Adelaide families looking to have easy, convenient access to healthy, nutritious certified organic produce and products.  That was back in November 2009. I am now joined by my partner Jason who is as passionate as I am to provide excellent service and produce, and to take OrganicBox to the next level. 

We are a unique business, being the only Adelaide ACO certified organic business that provides such a large range of products, covers such a large delivery area and yet because we are small we offer a personalised, authentic service.  I also believe we have the best team of wonderful caring people who along with myself pack and deliver your boxes.  We do it tough sometimes, but we love what we do, for you!!!!  

The range of Organic boxes is based around seasonal produce, availability and quality.  We aim to maintain a base of standard items but as in nature things change quickly so please keep an eye out on our Organicbox Facebook page for unavailable items, listed each Tuesday afternoon.

We don't just do set boxes!!!  You can choose between buying a preset seasonal box; buy a box and add more items or just shop and create your own box.  We have a minimum order of $40 and love to send the boxes out to SA country area's where possible - although this is sometimes very difficult trying to find transport companies that can do it.   

We also have our own Grass Fed Beef raised on our farm in Gumeracha, or when needed from a certified organic beef farmer. Also a large range of Certified Organic Chicken from Inglewood in Qld.  Our own grass fed lamb available to purchase as whole or sides quarterly.  We have pork and nitrate free small goods from both Boston Bay Small goods (SA business) and Barossa Valley Pork (SA business). 

Organicbox is passionate about packing best quality organic produce.  It is packed in a large cold room into foam boxes so the produce remains fresh and cold until it reaches your door.  During summer on extremely hot days we will have ice packs added in the boxes for extra guarantee of your produce remaining cold.

As an ACO Certified Retailer you are 100% guaranteed that the certified organic produce on my list is what is sent out.  I am passionate about truth in organics!!  I have a small range of uncertified items available when certified organic is not an option, or the certified supply is sporadic.  These items have either certified organic ingredients or have been lab tested for heavy metals, pesticides etc.  I do not accept or sell any fresh produce that has not been certified organic or lab tested.....so no backyard produce, no spray free produce or locally grown uncertified produce is acceptable.  I have extremely high standards, ethics and integrity which translate into my business.

We pack produce from SA growers always as first choice, Vic border growers and other states as needed eg bananas have to come from Qld.  If you are extremely supportive of local certified organic produce please view the items in the Local Grower Boxes for your guarantee of local produce.  Certified Organic is also our first choice so on a lot of occasions we do purchase from interstate.  Some of the local growers produce we pack is: Biopark, Grey, Forest Range, Monika's Organics, Armstrong, WCC, Helps Rd, Four Leaf, Aldridge, Legg, Kenton Hill, Goanna Produce and more.......

Organicbox customers are also passionate about their health, and that of their families.  They care for the environment and they want to invest in health and wellness by ensuring the food they eat and provide is certified organic, densely nutritious, and free of harmful toxins and chemicals.  They place a high value on food and they love to support local farmers, fair trade, and small businesses like mine!

Vanessa's story (briefly):

I have been involved with Miessence, an organic home business, for over 6 years, and have been intensely researching organics, ingredients and natural health for well over 14 years.  I came to learn that what I was eating, drinking and putting on my body is full of man-made chemicals that have never been tested for safety, and after going through the challenges of 'unknown' infertility for nearly 10 years I began to research and learn all I could.  Along my journey I started seeking answers and went to see a Naturopath.  One of the first things she suggested I do was read a book on natural fertility by Francesca Naish.  This book was the turning point for me, an awakening, because that was when I first learned that the food, water and personal care products I had taken for granted as being safe, are actually full of dangerous chemicals, additives, colouring, flavours, GMO's and are harmful to our health, our bodies and the planet.  These chemicals and toxins can cause all sorts of health issues - it is actually really quite scary.  So massive changes were made.  Without going too much further into my personal story, since reading that book I have continued to read, learn and research, and became passionate about organics, natural health and wellness....and I have two beautiful children. 

The choice for being organic is an easy one for me, and my family, knowing that organic produce is healthier, more nutritious, fuelling the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs, is something that can not be overlooked in our current times of increased disease and illness.  Nature gives us exactly what we need in the correct form and in the correct amounts.  Organics also supports the environment, is better for the earth, water quality, plants and animals and supports ethical, conscious, responsible farmers.  

I am really passionate about certified organics for health and wellness; caring for and healing the body.  That is why Certified Organic is what Organicbox is all about........the major drive behind why I do what I do....

Please try the service and experience the fresh food!  We love to hear what you think about our service so please let us know, all feedback is appreciated as it helps me to grow and improve the service to all customers. 

In Health and Vitality 

Vanessa and Jason 

OrganicBox ~ Smart, Healthy, Delicious