7 Day Cleanse Fruit & Veg 2019

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Minimum quantity for "7 Day Cleanse Fruit & Veg 2019" is 1.00.

This is your F&V requirements for our 7 day Juice Cleanse. You will need to order by Tuesday night 1/1/19 for delivery Friday 4/1/19 or Saturday 5/1/19 ready to commence by Monday 7/1/19. 

0.75 Cucumbers, Leb per kg
4 Acocado, each
0.25 Beans, per kg
1 Cauliflower, each
0.6 Apples - Juicing per kg
1 Coriander, per bunch
0.25 Ginger (fresh), per kg
2 Spinach, Baby 120g
1 Parsley, per bunch
0.3 Limes, per kg
1 Garlic EACH, Purple Cloves 50g
0.75 Broccoli, per kg
1 Kale (Tuscan), each
0.5 Zucchini per kg
1.25 Pumpkin - Jap per kg
1.5 Bananas, per kg
1 Pineapple each
0.5 Celery, bunch
1 OOB Frozen Blueberries 450g
0.2 Turmeric per kg
1 Mint per bunch
0.5 Lemons, per kg
0.1 Dates, Medjool (Californian) per kg

We will have the Pantry Pack available to buy if you wish, or you can supply your own or order from us individually any of the items you need to make the juices, smoothies and soups:

Pantry Box
6 Chicken Bone Broth or Chicken Stock 500g
5 Coconut Milk 400g
3 Coconut Water 1 Litre
1 Raw Honey 250g
1 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 300-500g
Spices and Powders
enough servings for the 7 day detox
1 Bay Leaf
serve Italian Herbs
serve Ceyenne Pepper
serve Cumin powder
serve Coriander Powder
serve Cinnamon
serve Sea Salt
serve Garam Masala
serve Turmeric Powder
serve Ginger Powder
serve Pepper
serve Cacao Powder
serve Chia Seeds
serve Protein Powder (by Miessence)
serve Green Powder (Deep Green by Miessence recommended)
Teas (choose one)
1 Detox Tea (15 teabags)
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We are the ONLY ACO certified organic retailer in South Australia. We source locally what we do not grow ourselves, and source from interstate only as needed

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