Ellys Eggs are SA pasture raised hens and eggs - from Kersbrook (just around the corner from us)... Elly's Eggs are from chooks freely ranging on green...

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Minimum quantity for "Ellys Eggs SA, 500g (dozen) [UNCERTIFIED] PROOF eggs" is 1.00.


All new customers are requested to pay a deposit on foam boxes - this just ensures we are able to rotate the boxes around which reduces waste, costs and...

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Minimum quantity for "New customer Box Deposit (2 boxes)" is 1.00.

  $8.00 (Including tax)

Grower = SA organics, SA These are pears grown on our farm at Gumeracha - not sprayed or anything in 20 years...and we are in the process of...

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Minimum quantity for "Pears, Duchess per kg UNCERTIFIED (SA)" is 0.20.


Chocolate Strawberry Granola, sounds like a perfect snack food, well it doubles well as a car snack or a long flight snack, eating healthy has never been...

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Minimum quantity for "Raw Eats Fig 'n Pecan Granola 400g (uncert)" is 1.00.