Broc Raab, bunch ORGANIC (SA)



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One of our new trial crops has come on this week, Broc Raab/Rabi, another of our bunch lines, It was meant to be sprouting broccoli, but the leaves look too good to strip off! This variety is slightly spicy and bitter. The Broc Rabi can be used in stirfrys and Asian or Italian cuisine to add the bitter and spiced taste they often go for. The stems, button sized heads and leaves are all be consumed.


This is an incredible green-budded variety of sprouting broccoli, which crops more heavily and much more quickly from seed to harvest than Purple Sprouting.

Hardy, prolific and very tasty, much favoured by the River Cafe team for winter pastas and soups.

This is delicious cooked and then stir fried with garlic, anchovies, chilli and lemon, and served on top of a bed of new potatoes, sprinkled with pine nuts and good grated cheese.