Beef, Chuck Steak (not diced) av weight 500g



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Grass fed, hormone free, chemical free, organically raised beef. Farmed by us at our own Kenton Cottages, Gumeracha.
This beef is slow raised and humanely butchered, locally.  Sold frozen, tray packed.

Chuck Steak

Both Blade and Chuck come from the forequarter and are strong muscle groups.
Blade is the more tender of the two, although happily for Chuck, it favourably contains collagen connective tissues, which melts during cooking, making the meat intensely flavourful.
Cuts from these sections benefit from slow, wet cooking methods like stewing, braising or pot-roasting.
Both can also make a good steak if marinated or wet-aged and then barbequed. As a steak it can be tender enough to grill or broil, provided that you marinate it overnight first. 
As well as a good slow roaster, Chuck is a good choice diced for kebabs, casseroles, and pot pie dishes.